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Litho-Coat vs. Water based Coatings

Litho -Coat is a solvent Based Heat Seal Coating

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the organic solvent used as a vehicle is extracted at application and incinerated for its BTU energy value. In fact, Litho-Coat coating is EPA approved for direct contact with food, water based blister coatings are not.

Yes, because of the low tack properties of the Litho-Coat coating, a lower seal temperature can be achieved. This lower temperature results in less curl and a better looking finished product.

Yes, again the lower tack properties allow for a faster seal, improving your sealing productivity by as much as 20-25%

Yes, Litho-Coat based coating well to seal to PVC, RPVC, PET, RPET, PETG and even styrene.

Lower tack properties of Litho-Coat blister coating allows for a better seal on these poorly formed blisters,. The blister is sealed to the card faster and does not have the time to reorient itself.

No. the dry weight coatings are very close in pricing, actually interchangeable.

The expense of the catalytic incinerators along with the EPA report documentation makes this type of coating unattractive to most blister card printers. Also, some stat legislation makes the use of some organic material difficult. Most printers don’t have the expensive off-line equipment necessary for Litho-Coat based coatings and this type of coating cannot be applied on press.

Yes, the shelf life of Litho-Coat coating far exceeds the active shelf life of water based coatings. This is why many companies prefer using Litho-Coat when they are faced with long standing product runs, or items that stay on the floor for a long period of time before packaging.

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