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Lithographic Industries, Inc. houses an extensive amount

of modern equipment that positions us as the leader of our industry. Litho-Coat, heat-seal coating for P.E.T., P.E.T.G., Vinyl, and Styrene is available.

With Our New Printing Press

We have reduced our make ready waste by 100 tons yearly


  • We have transitioned 90% of our lighting to energy-efficient light fixtures and bulbs.
  • Remaining fixtures will be transitioned as soon as the technology is available
  • Timed plant lighting and movement censored office lighting.
  • Recycled Waste Products

Recycled Waste Products

  • Heating and cooling
    A catalytic incinerator has been installed to burn the waste from our manufacturing process and generate heat which is distributed throughout our plant.
  • Ceiling fans and natural ventilation used to cool office and plant when available.
  • Steel coating drums are sent back to our supplier for cleaning and reuse
  • All paper trim and waste is recycled or reused
  • We use only recycled plastic pallets for all internal production.
  • Client have the option to reuse shipped/used boxes.
  • Scrap/waste ink is sent back to the ink company to be reworked into the black back ink
  • Scrap aluminium from printing plates is sold back to a recycler


Our ink is 15%, the maximum allowable soy bean oil content.


  • We offer customers the option of the online artwork proofing
    Our customers receive an online PDF of their finished artwork for proofing before we print a requested paper hardcopy proof
  • Client have the option to use our FTP siteproofing
    Files are retrieved from our FTP site which in turn saves on the use of paper proofs and files sent on CD’s or floppy disks.


  • We use video and phone conferencing with customers when requested to save on transportation energy.
  • We encourage our employees to carpool when possible.