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Lithographic Industries, Inc. houses an extensive amount

of modern equipment that positions us as the leader of our industry. Litho-Coat, heat-seal coating for P.E.T., P.E.T.G., Vinyl, and Styrene is available.

CAD Computers and sample cutters utilizing the latest CAD software

Data management system to keep track of digital images and disc information

Busch SWH 125 RLA Pile Turner/Aerator/Jogger to prepare loads for printing

Albo Jogger / Aerator / Load Turner to prepare loads for die cutting

A computerized paper-less batch card system to verify, track, and document all production from CAD entry to shipping.

6 Color KBA Planeta 50-inch Perfecting Offset Press equipped with the latest Epic Delta Dampening System

11 Color KBA Planeta 105 Rapida Perfector

Gerber Profile 408 Die Board Router System

Computer controlled steel rule die bending equipment

Bobst SP 102E-II 40 inch Computer Driven High Speed Die Cutter

Bobst SP 130 SER 50 inch Computer Driven High Speed Die Cutter with Blanking capability

Conveyorized Carton Handling System utilizing Customized Bar Coded Labels

Gasway 50 inch Direct Roller Coater for applying Litho-Coat Heat Seal Adhesives, equipped with a High Efficiency thermal oxidizer and Air Chilled delivery