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Lithographic Industries has been in business for 50 years

Our experience enables us to help our customers in all phases of carded packaging-- from concept to production.


Lithographic Industries has a 100% digital work flow system for original artwork. This helps improve the finished products and improves visual appearance through tighter registration and higher fidelity of the graphics over the previous analog system

Film negatives and chromalin proofs have been replaced with digital files and laser prints. Graphic consumable materials have been replaced by digital technicians and computers. Each item received by Lithographic in digital form on CD or posted on our FTP site will be opened and evaluated for completeness. We request that you provide us with a hard copy print-out or file (PDF, jpeg) of the item for reference. We will trap the files, generate a fresh UPC code and output a color proof for approval. This print will be actual size and will indicate the die cut outline.

Blister Cards

Webster’s Definition – Stiff pieces of paste-board packaging.

Lithographic’s Definition – Uniquely designed, expertly reproduced, tamper evident, reliable, heat sealable vehicles for marketing the world’s merchandise.

Combo Cards

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