From start to finish, Lithographic Industries Inc. guarantees

that we will provide the most professional and extensive services to our customers.

  • The order is received from the customer
  • The customer's films or computer disk images are verified for completeness and approved, by both the customer and Lithographic Industries
  • A sample of each card is prepared and placed onto a layout sheet
  • The layout sheet is measured and assessed for printability ยท When approved the layout is entered into the CAD computer system
  • Data and instructions for laser burning of the die board are transferred electronically to the die board equipment
  • Using the approved images, aluminum offset printing plates are prepared by our digital plate setter
  • A separate plate is made for each color to be printed. The plates are installed on a printing press, and the production sheets are printed
  • The printed sheets are moved to the coating room, where they are coated with the specified heat seal adhesive
  • While the sheets are being coated, die boards are knifed and rubbered
  • Once complete the die boards are installed on a die cutter and the coated sheets are die cut
  • The die cut sheets are moved to the stripping line where the individual cards are removed
  • The cards are inspected and packed into pre-labeled cartons
  • The cartons are inspected and sealed
  • The sealed cartons travel by conveyor to the staging area where their bar-coded labels are scanned. The cartons are then palletized, securely wrapped, and shipped to the customer
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