In 1961, Lithographic Industries, Inc. was established and built

upon the premise of providing the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price. This premise still holds true today.

Lithographic Industries, Inc. is Established by Brothers Louis and Roman A. Ebert, Jr.
Lithographic firmly believes in constant improvement as a way of life. Located in Broadview Illinois, Lithographic invents the concept of producing many different blister cards on the same sheet. This concept is called "Combination Gang Runs" or "Combos" for short. Combos are initially produced on two, 2-color presses, a hand-fed adhesive coater, and a hand-fed die cutter.
Introduction of the "Touch Color" Format
Major innovations follow with the introduction of the "Touch Color" format. For the first time specially blended Pantone (PMS) colors may be run along with the 4-color process. The "Touch Colors" are produced on a newly installed 50-inch, 6-color perfecting press.
Two Presses Make "Super Touch" Possible
The "Touch Color" concept proves successful and a state-of-the-art 40-inch, 8-color perfecting press with inline coating capability is added. These two presses make "Super Touch" possible. It is now possible to apply three Pantone (PMS) colors and 4-color process on the face of the card, while at the same time printing one color on the back.
Installation of the Misomex and Boost SP 102E II
January sees the installation of a Misomex computer driven printing plate composer (step and repeat), followed in December by a 40-inch Bobst SP 102E II high speed Die Cutter.
New Millenium-- New Die Cutter
The new millennium brings Lithographic Industries another new die cutter- this time a 50-inch Bobst SP130SER complete with blanking capability.
Lithographics Industries Becomes ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Improvement continues in February with the installation of a "state-of-the-art" Epic Delta Dampening System on our 50" Planeta Press, and a Fuji PS 130H Plate Developer in our Plateroom. To allow us total control over our die board needs we install a 408 Gerber Profile Press. May proves to be a milestone in Lithographic's history with Perry Johnson Registrar's, Inc. certifying our entire Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2000.
Addition of an Automatic Steel Rule Bending Machine
An automatic steel rule bending machine is added. This allows loading steel rule dies faster and more accurately.
100% CTP of Digital Work Flow
We become 100% CTP or digital in our work flow. With the elimination of film negatives, everything is now digital. A Screen Digital Plate Setter replaces the semi-automatic Misomex.
Lithographic Industries Houses the Largest Press of Its Kind
The largest press of its type in the world is installed- A KBA Rapeda 105 Eleven Color Perfector! It has two color back side with U.V. drying and nine units on the front. Everything now is "combinationable".
We are now certified to ISO 9001:2008.
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